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All About My Man 2016

All About My Man 2016

Sinopsis All About My Man 2016

Kawashima, who spent his entire life with a desperate desire for his wife, decided to learn pottery with the recommendation of his acquaintances.
She meets TOKO there and finishes her pottery class once a week with her on her way home.
Kawashima, who is attracted to Tocho, takes courage and visits her house.
At the end of the day,
Kawashima is finished with his lover and goes to the house with Kawashima.
Kawashima, who came in with Touko in the first place,
Touko said he expected Kawashima to come.
Those who have confirmed each other’s hearts share hot affairs straight away.
So they become lovers,
Kawashima offers economic support to Toko, who is preparing for a nursing care professional exam, and hopes this happiness will continue.
However, he accidentally finds out that Toko uses his money to another man,
Kawashima loses his will to live again.
Touko comes to the house of Kawashima who was injured alone by a bicycle accident hurt to the waist.
Touko confessed that he spent his brother’s debt repayment with Kawashima’s money.
Kawashima who learned all facts is relieved, and TOKO proposes to Kawashima.
And they both indulge each other’s bodies again.

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All About My Man 2016 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 63 min

Quality: HD