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Hitchhike 2015

Hitchhike 2015

Sinopsis Hitchhike 2015

Ray hitchhiking to a rural village. Ray who likes sex sticks to sudden sex to Yajima who is driving. Two people enjoying sex on the riverside. After leaving Ray, he left the car in Yajima’s car
We go to hospital where there is father, Ichiro.
Ray, who drives the Yajima car without a license, approaches Minako, a housewife who came to shop. Minako’s husband, Shigeo, is in a bad condition and can not get up. Ray asks Minako to stay overnight today.
Ray, who could not sleep, listened to the faint voice and looked into the room on the second floor, and Minako was masturbating. Minako tells the physical loneliness that Ray just sleeps with the village men.
Minako says that you can not do in such a small town. Ray tempts Minako with a fierce lesbian hardship …

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Hitchhike 2015 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD