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Pitapat 2017

Pitapat 2017

Sinopsis Pitapat 2017

Eps. 01 – First Reason

Soon tried his first experience with his favorite boyfriend,
We are failing frequently due to the vague initial experience phobias.
Besides, it is not my first experience unlike myself
I pretended to be cool but I can not feel good.
Soo Eun is a friend of mine who has a lot of experience
I got a coach and I got to the day of my first experience …

Eps. 02 – I did what I wanted to do.

Miho is a couple of long – lived couple.
At the start of the show, it was hotter than any other couple, but now it has been waning a lot.
The problem is because of the one-sided suspense when I love.
Miho also has a sexual preference, and what I want to do is obvious,
It does not seem to me that the woman is talking first.
In the meantime, Miho comes up with the best opportunity to do her sexuality.

Eps. 03 – One-night stand

Hyun Ju and Jonggu are currently in a thumbnail.
However, it is a problem that it keeps on being a small one and does not confess.
In order to induce Confucius’ s confession,
Four people go on a winter sea trip with Sangmin who is a full-time friend.
That night after having a drink at the pension …. Hyeonju sleeps with the man (?).
The film, eating alcohol and breaking the film, can not remember anything.
I spent the night with a man and I’m sure he’s one of the bongo and sangmin.
If it is Sangmin, it is completely ruined. prefecture
The problem is … I do not remember anything !!

Eps. 04 – In a week of blind date … Reason

Young and Minho met in a blind date and are now a couple of weeks.
Minhoo, who came to visit after a date, invited parents to go on a trip to an empty house.
I imagine something (?) I think it is too fast and will allow only the first kiss It is a training firm firmly.
But the parents who came back from the trip tomorrow will return early
Minho, who is confused, hides in the room of training.
And that night, Yuna and Minho were lying to each other
They are revealed one by one and know each other’s hearts.

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