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Princess is Comic Writer 2017

Princess is Comic Writer 2017

Sinopsis Princess is Comic Writer 2017

The Princess Margherita of Nabaria, the small kingdom, is ranked first in the throne, but can only inherit the throne if he marries the king’s determined opponent.
Desperate for marriage without love, Margherita finds a Japanese comic book that has been pushed into the ocean by the waves.
She is dreaming of a cartoonist through the comic book. She is allowed to go to Japan with the permission of the king and works under the cartoonist as a camouflage.

Edited by Yagi, she asks her to work while she is busy with performing the official affairs of the princess along with her comic works.
During a meeting with Yagi in the bar, Margherita has an argument with Nishihara, former colleague of Yagi. She misunderstands Nishihara, and she is gradually attracted to him, and both fall in love.

On the other hand, Yagi knows Margherita’s identity and exposes her camouflage life to raise comic book sales.
Margherita is forced to return to his homeland with Nishihara. Over time, Margherita, dedicated to the country, is recognized for his marriage to Nishihara.

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Princess is Comic Writer 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 65 min

Quality: HD