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Swapping Honeymoon 2017

Swapping Honeymoon 2017

Sinopsis Swapping Honeymoon 2017

While married and moved to a marriage, Aoi is invited to the house of his neighbor Yoshie.
Along with meals, the liquor goes on and the couple who lives in the stock market with a single investment explains Aoi’s donta sale.

The story rips and Aoi is drunk to fall asleep. Aoi wakes up in the middle of the night, witnesses the affairs of the couple, and the couple draws Aoi and enjoys three.
Aoi is not sure whether sex with a couple is real or dream, but Aoi talks to his friend and sister, Sayaka, but she also has sexual relations with her.
Aoi thinks that there is a problem with her because her neighbor and her husband act like nothing happened.
In the end, Aoi confessed to her husband, Kitazima, in fact, is more relieved by her husband’s comfort. Shortly after, Aoi decided to give money to a man by asking Sayaka’s husband.
Sayaka’s husband takes Aoi to the promised place and shows the word Dotta.

Aoi exchanges money with a man by exchanging money.
As a matter of fact, Kitajima, a neighbor’s couple, and the Sayaka couple are secret agents of the government, brainwashing Aoi for sexual exploitation according to the keyword “donta”, and using it for political activities.
The desperate Aoi reveals the truth and leaves her husband forgive and leaves home.

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Swapping Honeymoon 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 64 min

Quality: HD