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Young Flesh of A Wife 2017

Young Flesh of A Wife 2017

Hiroshi who learns work under father as family business.
This year’s championship league in London
Hiroshi goes on a long business trip with his father’s name.
I think that I can not see for a while and I have a strong relationship with Asako
Hiroshi who leaves the house secretly carries a woman in a car and makes an affair.
His father-in-law, Daito,
Asako, a daughter-in-law, questions the unfamiliar questions and reflects the heart that has been hidden.
Asako also thought Daito was not bad.
I do not know what to do with Daito’s bold dash,
Eventually betraying each other’s family
Those two who are caught in desire will cross the line that should not be overcome.

Duration: 63 min

Quality: HD